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Our Latest Dances

Latest dances include ...

HOUDINI.. 64 Count High Intermediate

Run With Me.. 32 Count ....NC2

Dance With Danger.  64 Count Intermediate

Bet My Dollar. 64 Count Intermediate

Stop The Rain 48 Count Intermediate

I Am Yours .. 32 Advanced NC2 

My Own Hero .. 32 Intermediate Rolling 

Whenever I'm With You .. 64 Count Cha Cha 

Out Of Love  ... 96 Count Waltz 

I Am Giant .. 64 Count Intermediate Calvin Harris ft Rag Bone Man

I Think I Found Love 32 Count  Improver 

Before I Go ....64 High Intermediate Guy Sebastian 

I Love You No Matter What .. 48 Intermediate NC2 

 LOYAL 32 Count Intermediate NC2 

Dancing With Character 32 Count Intermediate NC2

It's YOUR Moves 48 Intermediate 

No Fear 32 Rolling Advanced 

All I Am Is You 64 Count Intermediate Jess Glynne

I don't Dance  32 Intermediate Enrique 

Let You Be Right 48 Count Improver  Megan Trainor

Looking For A Saviour 64 Intermediate Iggy Azalea

Devil or Angel 32 High Intermediate/Advanced NC2

What You Like 32 NC2 Intermediate Avril Lavigne

Delicate 64 Count Intermediate Taylor Swift

Something I Can't Have 64 Count High Intermediate/Advanced  Justin Timberlake

Five Million Pieces 64 Count High Intermediate Parson James

You Are The Reason 32 Advanced Rolling Callum Scott

Rich Love 32 Beginner/Improver  One Republic ft Seeb

Ooh La La  32 Beginner Flo rida

You're My Anthem 64 Improver/Easy Intermediate  Brett Kissell

Guilty As Hell 32 Rolling  Paloma Faith

Don't Come Easy 32 NC2 Intermediate Isaiah

Bloodstone 32 NC2 Intermediate Guy Sebastian 

I'm Wrong 64 Count Intermediate Charlie Puth

Everybody's Got A Secret 64 Count Intermediate  Pink

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy  64 Count Intermediate  Rod Stewart ft DNCE

Check Please 40 Count Intermediate Hayley Reinhart

Your Song 64 Count Intermediate Rita Ora

My Life 32 Count Advanced NC2  The Foxes

To Be Human 32 Count Advanced NC2  Sia

Somebody Wants You 48 Count Advance NC2  Enrique (co written)

Somebody Else's Heart 64 Count Intermediate  Lady Antebellum

Whatchugot  32 Count Cha Cha   Caro Emerald

Bag It Up  64 Count Intermediate  Campsite Dream

Lay Our Flowers  48 COunt Intermediate  Lady Antebellum

Can We ..  32 Count NC2 Advanced Guy Sebastian

In The Cheap Seats ..  32 Count Improver Dallas Smith

There Are Time .. 64 Count Intermediate Wiktoria

I should Have .. 32 Count Intermediate NC2 Jocelyn Alice

Drop Dead Gorgeous ..  32 Count Improver  Michael Tyler

Grace .. 32 Count Advanced NC2   Rag n Bone Man

Doin' What I Like .. 64 Count advanced NC2   Zara Larsson

It's Gotta Be You .. 64 Count Intermediate Cha Cha  Isaiah

I Got Faith ..48 Count  Improver  Stevie Wonder

Waiting for Me .. 48 Count NC2 Advanced   Rebecca Fergusson 

The River .. 48 Count Intermediate   Delta Goddrem

My Vibe .. 48  Count  Intermediate . JoJo

Want You Close.. NC2 Intermediate  Nick Jonas ft Tove

Temple ..  AB Advanced Phrased   Pason James

So Into You..   64 Count Cha Cha  High Intermediate  Ariana Grande

Kiss The Sky ..  64 Count Intermediate   Jason Derulo

Different For Girls ..  32 Count Improver    Dierks Bently 

                Running Out of Time ..      32 NC2 Phrased  High Intermediate     Pink

                 Linger..   32 NC2 High Intermediate    Guy Sebastian ft Lupe Fiasco  

                             Beauty In the World..   32 Count Improver    Dami Im

                            Desperado..  32 Count Rolling Intermediate   Rhianna

                    Girls Like ..  64 Count Advanced      Tinie Tempah ft Zara Larsson

                                 If I Wuz U ..   32 Count Beginner   Megan Trainor

                         Shouldn't Be This Hard .. 48 Easy Intermediate    Olly Murs

                          Wearing Your Jeans ...   32 Count NC2 Advanced    Grace

                             Smoke & Sunset .. 64 Count High Intermediate    Lorde

                                       Kiss Me..  64 Count Intermediate  Olly Murs

                          Boy Girl Thing ...  32 Count Cha Cha Improver    Mo Pitney

                             Lay it All On Me ...64 Count Cha Cha Intermediate   Rudamental

                               The Word ... 32 Count NC2 Advanced   Christina Perri

Better Box It Up  .. 64 Intermediate with Malene Jakobsen   Prince Royce ft Snoop Dog 

Get Ugly .. 96 Phrased Advance Level    Jason Derulo

Flashlight ... 32 NC2 Advanced Level  Jessie J

Slam Goes the Door..   32 NC2 Intermediate  Kelly Clarkson

Goodbye Cha...  64 count Cha Cha  Who is Fancy

Love Me Hate Me... 48 Improver/Easy Int  The Mcclynmonts

Darling Hold My Hand...   64 Count Intermediate  Jesse Glynne

We Could Be Giants... 32 Count Intermediate NC2  Ella Henderson

Your Side of Town ...  48 Improver/Easy Intermediate  Maddy & Tae

                       Ready For The Good Life ...   32 Count Intermediate   Paloma Faith

                                         I'm Burning Up ...  AB Phrased Advanced  Jessie J

                                Hard Work ... 32 Intermediate NC2  Ella Henderson

                                            Shake It For Me .... 64 Beginner/Improver   MercyMe

                           Run Away with You..... 64 count Intermediate  Ed Sheernan 

Louder.....  32 count NC2  Intermediate/Adv  Neon Jungle

Ain't Wot U Do..... 64 count Cha Cha  Intermediate Usher ft Nicki Minaj

We On Fire.... 64 count Intermediate/Adv Gavin Degraw

Gho​st ..... 64 count Intermediate Ella Henderson  

Everything Will Change.....  32 count NC2  Intermediate Gavin Degraw  

Strong Again..... 48 count Intermediate  N-Dubz

It's On Again..... 64 count Cha Cha Intermediate Alicia Keys

A Little Faith..... 32 count NC2 Intermediate Bon Jovi

Sing For me..... 32 count NC2 Intermediate/Adv Christina Aguilera

Playin' Tricks ..... 64 count Improver/Easy Intermediate Country 

Let there Be Love..... 64 count Intermediate Christina Aguilera

Let Her Down Easy ..... 32 count NC2 George Michael

Into The Blue.....  64 count Intermediate  Kylie Minogue

Human.....  32 count Advanced NC2  Christina Perri

We Remain.....   32 count Intermediate NC2   Christina Aguilera

Waiting for Superman..... 64 count Cha Cha Intermediate Daughtry

Old Skool.....64 count Intermediate Little Mix

A Little Bit Gypsy.....  64 Improver/Easy Intermediate  Kellie Pickler